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The EU has adopted a new plan to combat illegal migration in the Mediterranean.

The EU has adopted a new plan to combat illegal migration in the Mediterranean.

The European Commission has adopted a new action plan to combat illegal migration in the western Mediterranean and Atlantic, according to a document released on Tuesday by the European Commission.

“The flow of migrants remains steady … The European Commission presents this action plan in accordance with the decisions taken by the Council of the European Union on February 9, 2023,” it says.

A new set of measures to counter illegal migration to Europe from North and West Africa includes combating human smuggling, strengthening border control by the EU Agency for the Security of External Borders Frontex and strengthening cooperation with countries from where most migrants try to enter Europe.

In addition, the European Commission advocates financial support for countries such as Senegal and the Gambia to develop national reintegration mechanisms so that migrants sent back to their countries have more opportunities to be included in the socio-economic life of society.

It is noted that in order to reduce the burden on countries experiencing the most serious problems with the influx of migrants, the relocation of migrants from there to other EU countries will be accelerated. The European Asylum Agency will assist in the distribution of migrants within the European Union.

In addition, improved interaction between EU countries and organizations will help reduce mortality among migrants trying to get to Europe by sea.

“Cooperation and unanimity among EU member states… are key to curbing maritime fatalities, maintaining safe navigation and finding suitable solutions to current challenges,” the document says.