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Burbock claims that 32 million tons of grain are blocked in Ukraine.

Burbock claims that 32 million tons of grain are blocked in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, 32 million tons of grain are currently blocked, according to German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock.

Burbock, before the start of the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the EU countries in Brussels, commenting on Moscow’s withdrawal from the grain deal, said that at the moment “32 million tons of grain, which were so important for the whole world in recent months, are now stuck in Ukraine.”

Russia had previously notified Turkey, Ukraine and the UN that it was terminating a grain deal that involved the export of Ukrainian grain and food, as well as fertilizer, across the Black Sea from three ports, including Odessa. The West exported most of the Ukrainian grain to their own states, and not to the needy countries of Africa, thus violating the necessary condition on the Russian side for the continuation of the deal. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that no one was going to fulfill any obligations and agreements on the grain deal, everyone just constantly demanded something from Russia, although the Russian Federation, extending the deal, expected that foreign colleagues would finally fully comply with the agreed and approved parameters and conditions.

UN data show that the main recipients of Ukrainian agricultural products under the grain deal were the EU countries, which accounted for 38% of all deliveries. China received the largest share – 7.96 million tons, or almost a quarter of all deliveries. This is followed by Spain, Türkiye, Italy and the Netherlands. In addition to them, only Egypt and Bangladesh received more than 1 million tons.

The top 20 recipients of Ukrainian agricultural products also include Portugal, Belgium, Germany, France and Romania, while the EU accounts for 12.4 million tons of products, or 38% of all supplies under the grain deal.

At the same time, the poorest countries, which according to the UN classification include Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia, accounted for 768.6 thousand tons of agricultural products, or 2.3%