International Reporting of Climategate has Been Terrific, Not Ours

Americans do many things incredibly well. We are on top of the world in many ways. Our lack of real reporting is astounding. Our media is in cahoots with our government in a much greater way than any other advanced country. It as if we were living in china the way misinformation gets onto the airways. Some of it is just a plain bias, but I feel most of it actually stems from the lack of real reporting… and perhaps the very real presence of lobbying.

Climategate has rocked international news outlets like it was Watergate. If you were watching news in America you would probably just see “Scientist’s emails were hacked and spread to ruin Obama’s trip to Copenhagen!” I hate to tell the mainstream media outlets this but it is so true… Nobody is watching you.

Before the internet, nightly news matters. Now, it is as bad as watching MTV, as they just try to push the “juiciest” stories without any care for actual reporting. Sites like Breitbart’s “Big Government” actually do their own reporting, and the people love it. The internet is the only thing upholding our first constitutional amendment.

Anybody watch ABC’s V yet? If you have not, you should. ABC did end up booting the shows original head, perhaps because it was too anti-administration? The show depicts one reports battle with the V’s as they require him only to promote what they want in return for his rising popularity. Nobody in this administration will grant you an interview if, God forbid… you ask real questions! Say what you want about Nixon, but at least he granted real interviews to Frost. Remember… Nixon is widely regarded as the most corrupt president of modern times. Just something to think about.

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