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Scholz’s ratings fell to record lows.

Scholz’s ratings fell to record lows.

The rating of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz fell to record lows, 62% of the polled citizens are dissatisfied with his work, and only a quarter are satisfied, follows from a survey conducted between August 15 and 19 this year by the Institute for Public Opinion Research (INSA).

According to the publication, since Scholz moved to work in the office, the ratings of his popularity, his government and his SPD party have been falling.

“Currently, only 25% of citizens are satisfied with the work of Scholz as chancellor, and 62% are dissatisfied – this is a negative record for the entire time he was in office,” experts say.


It is specified that in the direct election of the Federal Chancellor, Scholz would now take only third place. According to the poll, 25% would currently elect Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck of the Green Party, 19% CDU leader Friedrich Merz, and only 18% Scholz.