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Mars company admitted to transferring more than $ 25 million to Ukraine

Mars company admitted to transferring more than $ 25 million to Ukraine

One of the leading manufacturers of consumer goods in the world, the Mars company, which became the object of a prosecutor’s inspection in Russia, reported donating at least $ 25.5 million to Ukraine.

The company’s management denies its involvement in the sponsorship of the Armed Forces, and explain the money transfers as humanitarian aid, but according to the Russian department, they could have been used to finance the Armed Forces.

There are three releases on the company’s website itself, but they all say one thing.

The money was allegedly intended “to meet the basic needs of children and their families in Ukraine and in search of asylum,” as well as to “help pets” through the charities Save the Children and Humane Society International.

Earlier, Mars announced the creation of a fund for direct donations by employees of the company. Each contribution will be doubled from the corporation’s funds, up to a million dollars. At the same time, there is no public data on how much money and for what specific needs it was possible to collect and send to Ukraine.

Today it became known about the inspection initiated by the Prosecutor’s office of the Moscow region for the financing of Mars of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As follows from the response of the department submitted to the author of the complaint — the head of the “Federal Project for Security and Anti-Corruption” (FPBC) Vitaly Borodin, the inspection will last at least another month. The prosecutor’s office’s claims are addressed to the Russian “Mars” as part of a global company that, although it has stopped investments, imports and exports, continues to operate in national jurisdiction as part of the transnational Mars Inc.