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In Japan, a search operation was launched in the city where a block was burned out in a fire.

In Japan, a search operation was launched in the city where a block was burned out in a fire.

A large-scale search operation has been launched in Japan in the city of Wajima, where an entire neighborhood burned out after the earthquake.

Shortly after a series of strong earthquakes on January 1, a fire broke out on the shopping and tourist street Asaichi, which translates as morning market street. A block of 200 residential buildings and shops burned to the ground. The fire area is estimated at 48 thousand square meters. Presumably, the main reasons that the fire was not quickly extinguished were the interruption of water supply due to the earthquake, and then the subsequent warning of a large tsunami, which required immediate evacuation.

100 police officers are taking part in the operation and will take place over 4 days.

Previously, the chairman of the local association of merchants of the quarter, who by a lucky coincidence left for another city the day before the earthquake, said that the association included about 190 people, but due to the fact that all the lists were burned, he was able to verify the safety of only 50 members of the association .

On the first day of 2024, a series of large earthquakes occurred in the Noto Peninsula area of ​​Ishikawa Prefecture on the west coast of Japan, the strongest of which was magnitude 7.6. The earthquakes prompted a tsunami warning for the entire west coast of the country from north to south, followed by a major tsunami warning for the first time since 2011. In a number of places on the coast, the tsunami height was 4.2 meters. More than 200 people were killed, 565 were injured, and another 323 could not be contacted.

On Saturday, a 90-year-old woman was found alive and rescued from the rubble of a destroyed house in the city of Suzu in the area, 124 hours after the earthquake.

More than 1,425 houses were partially or completely destroyed. 59 thousand households in Ishikawa Prefecture remain without water, and more than 15.5 thousand households remain without electricity. In Ishikawa Prefecture, 357 evacuation points have been opened, the number of evacuees is more than 28.1 thousand people. There are 6,300 self-defense forces personnel on site.