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An interview with Peter Kaindl, the Owner of the Kronospan Сoncern

An interview with Peter Kaindl, the Owner of the Kronospan Сoncern

Peter Kaindl, the Owner of the Austrian woodworking Concern Kronospan, gave an exclusive interview before Christmas to our Publication and answered the following questions.

Hello, Mr. Peter Kaindl, we are very grateful for the opportunity to  interview you and we’re going to  discuss global world events and new conditions where businessmen   have to work and develop.

Your company was founded in 1897 in Austria and it’s one of the largest Holdings in producing thewood slabs. At the moment you own about 30manufacturing enterprises working in 25 countries around the world. Would you kindly tell us about the problems you have faced this year? And what are the development agenda if any, in such a difficult time?

Of course, due to the significant prices increase in energy and bills that affected on production process many European manufacturers experience difficulties in the current year. We try to move our production facilities to those regions where production costs are lower, because its difficult to find relevant territories or  places in the European Union area. Regarding the issues of development agenda for the future and because of beneficial economic conditions  formanufactory   workers created in Ukraine, we started to expand our production in this country. We are also looking for new sales markets for our products,  because   emergence of competitors from other countries with the lower  cost of production and competitive prices enter the markets.

On the way of business formation in different regions you experienced negative events and   were claimed and fined.  How did you manage to resolve conflicts and which technological solutions were found for avoiding similar situations?

Our company understands and admits the guilt of all these incidents and regrets of what has happened.  Now we have paid fines, revised technologies, eliminated security violations and   activated  qualified assistanceconsultations for prevention of further pollution, not to make the similar mistakes in the future.

There is a lot of information in Ukrainian mass media on behalf of your company supporting Ukraine in its fight against the Russian occupiers. We also see Thank You Lettersfor provided financial support from Ukrainian organizations to your Concern. Would you kindly tell us how much money has been allocated on behalf of your company and what kind of assistance you provided to Ukraine?    

– From the very beginning of the conflict, we supportUkraine and share their views and attitude towards the current conflict. We always express our support both in posts and in letters to country authorities and regularly  transfer money from our funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, to our financial assistance, we provide them with our products, which help fighters to build temporary headquarters and hospitals in combat regions. Also, we purchase necessary equipment, buy generators for the Ukrainianarmy and provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainianpeople. I set a task for our company to start fundraisingprogram for the next year in this direction increasingthe list of branches of company we cooperate with in other countries. We, Europeans, understand the importance of Ukraine democratic struggle for freedom and European values and will continue supporting with all available opportunities.

Would you kindly tell us, what kind of problems is facing the Ukrainian branch  now?

Of course, there are many difficulties, as in any region we work, such as the lack of professional specialists, some of the staff members go to defend their Homeland. Due to the lack of specialists we have to invite our professionals from other countries. Despite all the difficulties, at the moment, manufacturers in Ukraine have been provided with significant benefits in purchasing of raw materials and taxation. We also understand our opportunities in future – after victory in Ukraine European sales markets will be opened up and  we will have a lot of work to restore Ukraine.

In the interview with “Volyn” Publication Natalia Pokinska, Managing Director Kronospan UA LLC, says that after the conflict started some of the company staff members were reoriented for volunteer activities and provided various assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Would you kindly tell us about your attitude to comprehensive assistance initiatives for Ukraine Armed Forces?

Yes, of course, on behalf of the company I support this initiatives. We managed to accumulate quite an impressive amount of money and transferred it to Ukraine. We also provide Ukraine with necessarymilitary sets, purchase generators and provide humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian people. I express my deepest respect to Natalia Pokinska, Managing Director Kronospan UA LLC, she did a great job of fundraising  supporting Ukraine, and purchasing necessary kits for the national battalions of Ukraine.

With the funds accumulated by the company Rehabilitation Hospital for war veterans in the Rovenregion in Ukraine was reconstructed and provided with modern medical equipment.  Kronospan Rovno”spent more than 1.5 million hryvnia for reconstruction of departments in hospital. All this job was carried out in cooperation with Roven Region Administration. I should point out that interchange of most employees for volunteer activities reduced production of the company for some period, but we were able to solve the problem hiring additional specialists from European countries.

It is also known that with the participation of Concern’s branches in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and  Slovakia Kranospan collected amount of $ 800 000 for transferring to Ukraine. Would you kindly tell me, what is your personal financial contribution in this amount?

– Yes, we did a great work and united many countries around the problem. They have responded to our appeals and regularly provide Ukraine with financial assistance, transferring significant financial support. I personally took part and transferred500 000 to the fund, which were sent to Ukraine for the needs of Armed Forces. On my behalf, we were able to collect more than you indicate, and we are talking about the amount of $ 2 300 000, and out of them $ 800 000 were collected by our branches. $ 1.500 000 were accumulated by the fund.

Before the Ukrainian and Russian conflict started, you successfully worked in Russia, and now, as far as we know from your statements, you have left the Russian market. Did you manage to get out of this project without losses? If so, which directions are relevant to you and how do you plan to distribute the funds received from this transaction?

Yes, we have been working in Russia for many years and had several manufacturing branches. At the moment, we have withdrawn from Russia. Released assets and funds received from transaction will be forwarded for the development of Ukrainian branches, which, as I said above, are more beneficial for doing business in  current realities.

Summarizing our discussion, what would you like to convey to Ukraine, what are the wishes for Ukrainian people and the country authorities?

I want to wish this courageous people a quick victory over the aggressor with the face of Russia. I am sure Ukraine will win!