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The Democratic senator expressed concern about Biden’s chances of winning.

The Democratic senator expressed concern about Biden’s chances of winning.

American Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal joined the chorus of colleagues concerned about the chances of victory in the election race of fellow party member and US President Joe Biden, calling for a decision as soon as possible on the advisability of continuing it.

“I’m deeply concerned about (the possibility of) Joe Biden winning in November because (Republican former US President) Donald Trump’s victory poses an existential threat to the country. So I think we need to come to a conclusion as quickly as possible.” , he told reporters.

Blumenthal made a reservation that he supports Biden as the Democratic presidential candidate.

The American media agree that Biden performed poorly at the first debate with Trump, which took place on the night of June 28 in Atlanta. The current American president stammered and paused, not always clearly formulating his thoughts, and after the event, the television camera caught the moment when Biden’s wife Jill helped him down the stairs.

Now politicians and journalists are saying that Democrats may refuse to nominate Biden and replace him with another candidate. Theoretically, the party will have such an opportunity at the convention in August, but in practice it will be difficult to remove Biden, who won the primary election, from the race unless he himself refuses to participate. At the same time, the headquarters of the current president says that he is not going to give up and leave the race.

According to some reports, he may be nominated as a presidential candidate as early as July 21, without waiting for the party congress in August.