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Moldova has revived its partnership with NATO, the head of the Ministry of Defense said.

Moldova has revived its partnership with NATO, the head of the Ministry of Defense said.

Moldavian Defense Minister Anatoly Nosaty said that the republic managed to revive the partnership with NATO, which was suspended by the country’s previous authorities.

“NATO is an international organization with enormous potential, we tried to appreciate this partnership, since it was suspended by the previous authorities. We have revived the process of cooperation on the platform of consolidating capabilities in the field of defense,” Nosaty said on Radio Moldova.

He admitted that cooperation with NATO is difficult from a procedural point of view, since it is necessary to obtain the approval of all countries included in the alliance.

“We have 18 different projects and programs that relate to the Information and Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and other structures that ensure the safety of citizens,” the minister added.

According to the Moldovan constitution, the republic has a neutral status, but since 1994 the country has been cooperating with NATO under an individual partnership plan. In addition, with the coming to power of the Action and Solidarity party, whose informal leader is President Maia Sandu, the country began to conduct frequent exercises with the participation of military personnel from the USA, Great Britain, Germany and Romania.

Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Moldova also stated that they would like to strengthen the country’s defense capability and acquire the necessary weapons for this. In particular, Defense Minister Anatoly Nosaty spoke about the need to create an air defense system. Sandu herself, in an interview with local publications, emphasizes that the republic needs to continue the discussion about rapprochement with NATO, since this supposedly helps strengthen the country’s defense capability.