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International community must calmly handle North Korea threats

International community must calmly handle North Korea threats

International Community condemns the Pyongyang’s activity and its next missile launching. But it’s time to learn how to calmly handle North Korea threats, it’s obviously that UN resolutions and sanctions are just useless.

An international community is really concerned with the North Korea’s forcing through a nuclear test, is a blatant challenge to the world, which is urging NDRK to abandon its nuclear program. Several resolutions issued by the UN, couldn’t stop the nuclear tests, the international community must unite to stave off reckless acts by the regime of Kim Jong Un.

The fifth nuclear test on Friday, according to Korean media: “carried out a nuclear explosion test for the judgment of the power of a nuclear warhead.” The year 2016 became the first time NDRK has conducted two nuclear tests in the same year. The regime becomes more and more unpredictable in its moves and waded further into dangerous waters.

The nuclear test on Friday was so powerful, it based on the amount of energy released by the earthquake it caused, say the experts. So, international sanctions and UN resolutions are useless. Isn’t it time for China, e.g., to embark on stricter and substantive measures, including suspending crude oil supplies and refusing to accept North Korean workers?