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FDA authorizes the 1st at-home COVID test

FDA authorizes the 1st at-home COVID test

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the first at-home test, which is able to show the COVID-19 infection in an organism. As New York Post has learned, the FDA gave an emergency green light to the test, paving the path to the more safe environment, especially in the big cities.

In the US, the new rapid coronavirus test can run from start to finish at home. The test requires a prescription from a health care provider. the first at-home testing system was developed by the Lucira Health firm.

The test is simple to carry. That is a relatively simple nasal swab, the test can return results in about half an hour, and is projected by the company to cost $50 or less.

Doctors also run the test on their patients, including children under the age of 14, potentially delivering answers during a single visit to a care centre or pharmacy, instead of routing a tough-to-collect sample through a lab.

The recently-authorized at-home Lucira’s LAMP test was able to accurately detect 94 percent of the infections found by a well-established P.C.R. based test.

“Today’s authorization for a complete at-home test is a significant step toward F.D.A.’s nationwide response to Covid-19,” Jeff Shuren, director of F.D.A.’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, said in a statement.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that people who test positive for the COVID-19 are expected to self-isolate themselves for 10 days.