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Cameron resigned as Conservative shadow minister.

Cameron resigned as Conservative shadow minister.

The head of the British Foreign Office, David Cameron, announced on the social network X that he will not hold the post of Foreign Secretary in the shadow cabinet of the Conservative Party of Great Britain, instead the Conservative Andrew Mitchell will become the shadow Foreign Secretary.

Earlier, the new British Prime Minister Keir Starmer appointed David Lammy as Foreign Secretary after the victory of the Labor Party in the parliamentary elections on July 4.

“It has been a great honor for me to serve as Foreign Secretary, but it is clear that the opposition Conservative Party will have to keep an eye on the new Foreign Secretary in the House of Commons (the lower house of the UK Parliament). That is why I have told Rishi Sunak (the Conservative leader) that I will not accept him proposal,” the politician wrote on Monday.

Cameron also added that former Deputy Foreign Secretary Andrew Mitchell has been given the role of shadow foreign secretary.

On Friday after the parliamentary elections, Labor leader Keir Starmer officially became the 58th Prime Minister of Great Britain after an audience with King Charles III, who tasked him with forming a government. Elections to the British Parliament took place on Thursday, with the Labor Party winning a landslide victory, receiving at least 412 parliamentary seats and securing an absolute majority in the House of Commons. Conservative leader Rishi Sunak, who had previously left the post of prime minister, congratulated Starmer on his victory and announced during his last speech as head of government that he would step down as head of the Conservative Party when formal measures to elect his successor are implemented.