Today: Tuesday, 23 July 2024 year

Britain wants to modernize the Sea Viper air defense system.

Britain  wants to modernize the Sea Viper air defense system.

The UK intends to spend $514 million to modernize the Sea Viper anti-aircraft missile system, which British forces used to hit drones in the Red Sea, media reported, citing data from the country’s Ministry of Defense.

Earlier it was reported that the UK and the US repelled the largest attack by the Ansar Allah movement (Houthis) in the Red Sea.

Reportedly, the contract was concluded with the British division of the concern for the production of missile systems MBDA. The Sea Viper will receive missiles with new warheads and will also be equipped with software to counter ballistic missile threats.


Earlier, the Ansar Allah movement, which controls much of Yemen’s Red Sea coast, warned of its intention to attack ships linked to Israel or heading to its ports and called on other countries to recall their crews and not approach them at sea. The United States announced that in response to the increasing attacks by the Houthis, along with ten other countries, it would launch an operation to protect shipping in the Red Sea. In response to this, Ansar Allah warned that they reserve the right to attack ships of countries participating in the joint coalition with the United States.