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New Myanmar president: Win Myint wins the race

New Myanmar president: Win Myint wins the race

Myanmar’s people got its new president, Win Myint won overwhelmingly with 403 out of 636, BBC reported. The new leader is 66-year-old is from Myanmar’s majority ethnic group, the Bamar.

Myanmar’s political crisis is over – Htin Kyaw who resigned as president last week got the successor. The strong and decisive Myint becomes a new president. Last week, amid growing health concerns about Htin Kyaw’s health, Parliament then had seven days to choose a successor and voted from a short-list of the three vice-presidents on Wednesday.

Win Myint won overwhelmingly with 403 out of 636, while the acting president and military candidate U Myint Swe won 211 and incumbent vice president Henry Van Thio took 18 votes. There were four abstentions. Vice-president U Myint Swe served as acting president after Htin Kyaw stepped down.

The president-elect Win Myint returned to politics in the 2012 by-election, he was winning the lower house seat in Ayeyarwady’s Pathein Township. In 2015, he ran again, winning the Pyithu Hluttaw seat at Tarmwe, before he was promoted to a speaker.

Daw Daw Nyo Thin, a former independent MP, expressed her hope that Win Myint would follow through on his proposal of scrutinising the assets of government officials.

“He is now the person leading the country, so we expect he will carry it out,”

Thin said.

In the country, which is trying to deal the Rohingya crisis, most Burmese don’t know what plans Win Myint’s may have for the economy, bringing peace in the troubled border regions. People are waiting from the new president, strong and decisive person, a new future with the new opportunities.