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France’s First Lady sets new style agenda

France’s First Lady sets new style agenda

France’s first lady is a new style icon, even Karl Lagerfeld praised the wife of Emmanuel Maron for her exquisite fashion skills. On Sunday, the country will watch the ceremony of an inauguration of President-elected.

Brigitte Trogneux becomes the first lady of France, her first official ceremony will be watched by the millions, so her outfit is still the main intrigue. The former French teacher with a blonde bob and a model figure looks like a model, and after the powerful victory of Mr Macron, his wife has stepped into the international spotlight.

Despite her age (Brigitte id 64), Trogneux flaunts her pin-thin physique even in the swimsuit. The fashion magazines in France over 12 months were publishing the dozens of snaps of Macron and Trogneux – the most stylish couple in politics.

Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Macron arrive for a lunch break at the mountain top during a campaign visit in Bagneres de Bigorre on April 12, 2017.

Brigitte and Emmanuel as the most stylish first couple

With her chic updo and dark eye makeup on Sunday night, Trogneux shaved years off her age and won plaudits from foreign newspapers. The French press rapturously compared her to Michelle Obama, and it is a very good sign.

Mr Macron has indicated that unlike previous French first ladies, his spouse will have an official but unpaid role. The co-author with Caroline Derrien of “The Macrons” noted that Emmanuel always says that Brigitte is not only the wife but a counsellor, friend, and even stylist:

“She casts a well-meaning but critical eye over him. She is one of the few who tells him the truth,”

said Candice Nedelec.

Karl Lagerfeld suggested a sharp-shouldered jacket and transparent black chiffon skirt for Trogneux’s inaugural outfit. The Chanel designer added that he loves Brigitte’s hair up.
Sketch By Karl Lagerfeld for B.Macron