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Britain’s Treasury and Health ministers resign

Britain’s Treasury and Health ministers resign

British finance and health ministers Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid have announced their resignations over disagreement with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s leadership practices.

“Society has the right to expect that the government is properly managed, seriously and competently. Let this be my last job as a minister, but I believe that these standards are worth fighting for, and therefore I am resigning,” the head of the Ministry of Finance wrote on Twitter.

Javid, in turn, announced his decision to leave the post of head of the Ministry of Health due to a loss of confidence” in the prime minister.

In early June, representatives of the ruling Conservative Party did not get enough votes to pass a vote of no confidence in Johnson. 211 representatives of the party voted “for” and 148 voted against. After the announcement of the voting results, the British prime minister called them “very good” and also promised to focus on the work of the government and solving important issues.