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Biden suggested that Vucic together “call Russia to account” for Ukraine.

Biden suggested that Vucic together “call Russia to account” for Ukraine.

US President Joseph Biden, in his congratulations on Serbia’s Statehood Day on February 15, invited Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic together to “call Russia to account” for the events in Ukraine.

“Over the past few years, Serbia and the United States have worked together to diversify energy sources and strengthen economic cooperation, creating a better future for our citizens. Together, we must continue to support the people of Ukraine and hold Russia accountable for its unjust and causeless war against Ukraine,” it was said in Vučić administration congratulatory telegram received from the President of the United States.

“In the coming year, the United States will continue to support Serbia’s path to EU accession and dialogue on the normalization of relations with Kosovo under the auspices of the EU. We welcome your support for the EU’s proposal for normalization (of relations), which will help create a peaceful and prosperous future for the region,” the message says.

The Assembly (Parliament) of Serbia, after two days of debate with the participation of the president, on February 3, by a majority of votes, approved the government’s annual report on the negotiations on Kosovo and Metohija and the situation in the province.

The President of Serbia announced to the parliamentarians 10 points of the program of the country’s leadership in the face of external pressure. Among them are the preservation of peace and stability, the demand to form a Community of Serb Communities in Kosovo and Metohija, ensuring the security of Kosovo Serbs, attracting foreign investment to Serbia, and so on.

Vučić repeatedly and clearly repeated that he “will never recognize the independence of Kosovo and is against the entry of Pristina into the UN.” He also stated that Belgrade will continue its policy of military neutrality and “will try to hold out as long as it can without imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation.” The armed conflict in Ukraine, in his opinion, is growing into the Third World War, and Western countries are increasing pressure on Serbia due to their refusal to support sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Vucic said earlier that the country’s authorities have not yet agreed and signed the latest Western proposals for a settlement in the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo, which involve the gradual entry of the territory into the Council of Europe, UNESCO and the UN without Belgrade’s formal recognition of independence. He also noted that it is no longer correct to call this plan “Franco-German” since it is being promoted by both Brussels and the United States. At the same time, the content of the West’s proposal is not disclosed in detail.