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Russia Drops Cute Bomb On France

Russia Drops Cute Bomb On France

In this day of terrorism and warfare, shootings and bombings, Russia has changed the game by dropping a ‘Cute Bomb’ on the people of France, in the form of the cutest puppy to replace a decorated police dog that died in combat against the forces of ISIS.

In a show of solidarity, Russia is sending the Alsatian puppy to the French to replace an heroic dog, Diesel, a Belgian Shepherd who was killed in the assault on the terrorists.

Russian Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev wrote his counterpart in the French government, Bernard Cazeneuve, offering to send the pup named Dobrynya, who is named after a Russian folk legend named Dobrynya Nikitchs who was reknown for his good character, courage, and strength.

In response to the popularity of the lost dog, the hashtag #JeSuisChien (I am a dog) was trending on Twitter after the French police told the public of the loss of Diesel during a raid that targeted Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected mastermind ringleader of the terrorists who attacked the city on November 13th.
Russia gesture is one of many gestures, statements, and stances in the public eye of recent that has softened their appearance to the world from a hardlined super power that mistrusts everyone. President Vladimir Putin has gotten high praise for his leadership during the ISIL attacks, far more than any other world leader. He’s become so popular that many Americans would vote him President were it possible for him to run.

Sending a puppy, is a real cute bomb for both Russia and France. It shows both countries can bury the hatchet of old feuds and conflicting ideologies. A puppy is something that everyone can appreciate, and this puppy is going to have a long life of pampering as the public has warmed up to him already. In addition, the breed of the dog is becoming popular as well as the breed of Diesel, the dog that got killed. Belgian Shepherds are a special breed reknowned for their guarding and herding and bravery skills. Same as with the Alatian breed.

With gestures like this during times of strife, it shows that the big countries can work together and share heartwarming moments that the public sees as generous, sympathizing, and friendship.

The world right now is teamed up to fight the terrorists. Never before in human history has this many powers united for a common goal. Perhaps we’re looking at a new age where superpowers like the US, China, and Russia along with the smaller countries, work together and mend the tears that have kept world peace at bay since time began.

In this case, the dog’s heart is worse than it’s fight.