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Slovak rescue helicopter crashes, four dead

Slovak rescue helicopter crashes, four dead

Slovak rescue helicopter crash caused for death, whole crew from three rescuers and one patient on the board died. The helicopter crashed in central Slovakia on Wednesday night, said a spokeswoman for the private rescue service Air Transport Europe.

The tragic incident in central Slovakia happened on Wednesday night. Slovak rescue helicopter crashes, four dead. According to the, the rescuers found the helicopter and four bodies on Thursday morning.

The place of a crash is Strelniky, a mountainous area near Banska Bystrica, around 240 kilometres east of the capital, Bratislava. The patient on the board was a 38-year old man, he injured his leg during a hike, a helicopter with three crew members on the board pick the patient up, but the helicopter crashed about 10 minutes into its flight.

The cause of a crash is unknown yet, Bell 429 helicopter was a new machine, and the pilot was experienced a 50-year man who had more than 4,600 hours of flight time.