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Sanders and Clinton focus on Minnesota

Sanders and Clinton focus on Minnesota

Minnesota has suddenly emerged as one of the most competitive fronts on Super Tuesday. Bernie Sanders, the biggest opposition in the democratic party is hoping to seal his catapulting of Hilary Clinton by winning all the primaries in the South. Minnesota has a history of producing progressive heroes with largely white electorate. All these just fits perfectly for Bernie Sanders pitch.

Bernie Sanders earlier drew a massive crowd in Minnesota hoping to steal the limelight on March 1. Even some supporters of Clinton concede as much. Ken Martin — a Clinton supporter in Minnesota said: “I would give a slight edge to Bernie right now, but I think both campaigns have been putting a lot of resources in here. In 2008, the campaigns weren’t putting any resources here until a few weeks before the caucus. But the fact that they’ve been investing in organizations here since August is an indication that they both see Minnesota as very important.”

Aside Minnesota, Colorado is another state that seem to hold much for Bernie Sanders in his quest to win the democratic party nomination. When Sanders arrived at a dinner in Minnesota from a nearby forum, he focused on the “the black experience in America” aside his usual bashing of corporate America and Wall Street. However, he didn’t forget to appreciate Obama for improvements in the economy.

On the other hand, former secretary of state, Hilary Clinton focused on remembering Wellstone, a top senator from Minnesota, before going the usual way of countering Sanders Wall Street and corporate tax “inversion” deals.

Minnesota is such an important win for either candidate because if Sanders doesn’t grab a huge chunk of the electorates in Minnesota, he might not be able to catch up with Hilary Clinton again since her campaign will be powered by super delegates and a large number of minority voters.