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Alicia Vikander met with Prince William at gala dinner in Sweden

Alicia Vikander met with Prince William at gala dinner in Sweden

Alicia Vikander, the Oscar-winner and one of the most famous Swedish actors, have met with Kate Middleton and Prince William at gala dinner in Stockholm. The Scandinavian tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge included the dinner with the Swedish royals.

Alicia Vikander joined the Royals at the British Ambassador’s residence in Stockholm on Tuesday evening, where she was seated in between Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and Prince William. Recalling the moment she met the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, she told Norwegian talk show host Fredrik Skavlan that she was too nervous. The Oscar-winner and professional actress couldn’t make herself even to drink her water.

Of course, to keep the conversation with a royal is a rather complex thing, so, the actress decided to inform the second-in-line to the throne that she was watching The Crown. Vikander also spoke of her nerves when it came to table manners, according to The Local SE.

The beauty brunette explained:

‘I was sitting there looking around me. I guessed that you were supposed to wait, but I was very hungry. Normally if you’re more than ten people you’re allowed to start eating, but nobody else did so I held back. I didn’t even have a sip of water because I thought ‘no, I’ll just wait.’

Prince Philip about The Crown

Hit Netflix series The Crown explores the early years of the Queen’s reign and stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith as the royal couple. Mr Smith revealed last year that he had no interest in watching the show.

In his interview with The Observer, the British actor told how a friend of his in the film industry had been dining with the royal couple when Philip brought up the matter of The Crown, asking:

‘Are you involved in this… Crown thing?’

The friend explained that he wasn’t but could not resist asking the duke about his views on the show later in the evening. Smith explained that his friend asked Philip if he or the Queen had seen it, prompting the royal to ‘glower’ and respond: ‘Don’t. Be. Ridiculous.’

While The Crown has been showered with critical praise, it has also stirred up much controversy, by reigniting rumours of Prince Philip’s supposed roving eye.