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Turkey presidential election: Erdogan wins re-election

Turkey presidential election: Erdogan wins re-election

The Turkish president won the re-election with an amazing result: 53% with 99% of the votes. That giving him sweeping powers in the country’s new presidential system, BBC reported.

Turkey’s elections will allow the president to form the government, appoint ministers, vice presidents and top bureaucrats, issue decrees, prepare the budget and impose states of emergency. On Sunday, Turkish people gave their votes in favour of president Erdogan who got overwhelming 53% with 99% of the votes, unofficially declared an election authority chief Sadi Guven.

President-elect Erdogan gave a triumphant victory speech from the balcony of his party’s headquarters in the capital Ankara at the midnight of his glorious victory.

“The winner of this election is each and every individual among my 81 million citizens,”

he declared.

Erdogan thanked his supporters all over the country and world, he also declared victory for the People’s Alliance, an electoral cooperation between his ruling Justice and Development Party and the small Nationalist Movement Party, saying they had a “parliamentary majority” in the 600-member assembly.

After receiving the absolute majority of all valid votes, President Erdogan will assume major new powers under Turkey’s new constitution. The changes were endorsed in a tight referendum last year by 51% of voters, and are due to come into force after the election. While Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party was also hoping to retain its majority in parliament, national leader – who has been in power since 2003 – faced a more robust and united opposition, which vowed to return Turkey to a parliamentary democracy with strong checks and balances.

In 2018, five candidates ran against Recep Erdogan in the presidential race.