NBC and CBS Researching Climategate; Still No Coverage [Proof]

One of our writers, Shaun Booth, pointed out to me that one of my stories got some attention from both NBC and CBS. The blog that they were so interested in was “Why is “Climategate” Getting Little to no Coverage?” CBS and NBC are looking at a story ridiculing the lack of coverage of climategate, while they themselves have not covered the story. How did we find out about this? We have a very advanced tracking software on our server that monitors newsoutlets and other important organizations so we can see who is reading our stories. It is very important when you own a blog to know who “of power” is visiting your site. Sometimes, you come across something as juicy as this.

So NBC, and CBS, if you see this blog know that you now have no excuse not to cover climategate. The American people have a right to know what is going on, not just what fits your agenda. We are sick and tired of the lack of coverage of important stories like this one. Perhaps, it would actually lead to more viewers. Then again… if you did your job, I wouldn’t have to.

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