Sarah Palin More Popular With Liberals Than Conservatives. No Joke.

No, this is not meant to be a joke. Perhaps obsessed should replace popular in the title. Part of my job is to scour the web and to see what people are talking about.  While I was browsing Democratic Underground today (extremely liberal forum,) I realized these people are obsessed with Palin. I do not mean a post here or there, I mean the forum is almost entirely devoted to Sarah Palin bashing. Looking at the most popular forum threads of the day, almost all of them are about Sarah Palin. You would think they might be debating global warming, nope… all they can talk about is Sarah Palin. Perhaps hating Sarah Palin is the only thing that can keep the ultra left on “friendly” terms with each other.

Browsing DU you would get the feeling that the even the ultra left are mad as hell with Barack Obama. The fear is growing. Their biggest issues like global warming, are starting to become null and void. On the other hand Conservative sites are fighting less and less, and have less of a need to rile up around Palin… and are actually looking for *gosh* other options for 2012. Conservatives  do not like Lou Dobbs, nobody seems to. Poor Guy. But, even Dobbs is much more of a hot topic on liberal forums vs. conservative forums. (ie The democrat’s are spending so much time trying to destroy Palin, some other candidate could rise to the top very quickly picking up little baggage along the way.

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