Caution – Drunken Congress Ahead

After spending like a drunken sailor his first year in office, President Obama has suddenly got religion — fiscal religion, that is. The White House has sent up a trial balloon in the form of a proposal to freeze or actually cut (be still my beating heart) discretionary spending in 2011.

Unfortunately, Congress, still drunk on the wine of federal largesse, is ready to shoot down that balloon:

Key members of the House Appropriations and Budget committees told The Hill this month they would not go along with alternative spending plans being requested by White House Budget Director Peter Orszag, which are part of the administration’s plan to reduce the deficit.

Orszag last year instructed every executive department to prepare three budget requests: one that matches the 2011 spending levels set by the president in his initial budget proposal from early last year; another that would freeze discretionary spending; and a third that reduces spending by 5 percent.

But the Democrats warn that cutting or freezing spending at this point might further damage the economy. The White House should focus instead on spending government dollars to help the economy recover and bring the unemployment rate down from 10 percent, they said.

As if all the spending they did in 2009 did anything to prevent unemployment from rising from 7.7 percent a year ago to double digits today… Like a drunken man believes he becomes more attractive wearing a lampshade on his head, Congressional Democrats are so intoxicated from spending other people’s money that they actually believe that government spending, not that done by the private sector, improves the economy.

Also, like a drunk at a party refuses to heed his buddy’s calls to hand over the car keys, Congress refuses to listen to the voice of the voters in an election year. Bad career move, ladies and gentlemen. We see a multi-car pileup inside the Beltway ahead.

- JP


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