Taxes Should Not be a “Punishment”

Way to make people hate you Mr. President. Taxes are, most of us accept, something that we pay to our country out of loyalty… thinking that they will go to the preservation of our nation. Barack Obama, and some members of congress, have thought of ways they could “punish,” bankers or ceos. What did they come up with? Excessive taxation. Most voting Americans are not going to be happy about punishing taxation.

When tax rates go beyond a certain percentage, people start to get angry. Raising taxes to pay for the money the government is using is a good thing, except when people get upset. Which is why, even with record spending tax rates are still not being hiked… and they will not be until the election season is over. Punishing banks by taxation is not the way to go. How can you punish a bank after you give it money and say “keep doing what you are doing?” You gave them money, it is your fault that (speaking to congress here) that they were able to use it how they wanted. Just ask Chris Dodd why he is stepping down, you will find your answer. Ask Barney Frank why he should be stepping down. No don’t, that is a bad idea. (He might get angry! You wouldn’t like it when he is angry.)

Still government owned General Motors… “You are ok!”


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